Isaszeg Hunter’s Lodge

(GPS Hugary) 47°30’35.35″É, 19°26’49.39″K

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The hunters’ Lodge with 1st class qualification (1/a) lying on the hunting area of the Valkó Forestry Unit is looking forward to its guests with 10 pieces of double rooms, a dining room, a lounge. The hunters’ house can be found in a woody environment, between Gödöllő and Dány at 10 km from the M0 motorway  and at a distance of 15 km from Gödöllő. It is not only the hilly areas of the Pilis Park Wood that offer excellent hunting opportunities to hunters but also the Gödöllő Hills does so, the woods rich in game was loved by our kings as well because the Royal Residence of Gödöllő could be accessed by a just 30-minute trip by horse cart. In the forests of the region almost all the big game species occurring in Hungary can be found, the stocks of red-deer, roe-deer and wild-boar are especially important. The wild boar hunting events on open area are especially successful. The hunters’ lodge with its high-level furnishing can be found in an undisturbed, nice environment with an anglers’ lake serving recreation, relaxation in front of it. The kitchen is famous for mainly its game dishes and specialities made of birds.