We possess an outstanding-quality moufflon stock on our hunting areas. In 1986 a ram was shot whose spiral was 104 cm. It achieved the 10th place in the world rank by justifying the excellent quality of the Hungarian moufflon. Since then several “big-size” rams have been shot, the first in the Hungarian rank among them as well by showing that the quality of the stock is improving more and more. The best rams – above 90 cm– were pot-shot on the area of the Bajna and Budakeszi Forestry Units, on the other areas the shootable bucks have sizes between 70-90 cm.

For shooting a moufflon, mainly stalking and still-hunting (from high stand) techniques are used. It is a true hunter performance to start on one’s way on foot and stalking moufflon, however, if requested, all-terrains and on some places, horse-carts are available. The main season is in November-December.