It is our pleasure that you are interested in the hunting events on the hunting areas of Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. (“Pilis Park Forestry Company. Ltd. by shares”). We trust by insuring successful hunting and the conditions of peaceful relaxation we can contribute your collecting nice experiences during your stay here.

Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. offers high-level hunting opportunities by a hunting area of around 82000 hectares managed by the Company.

The hunting areas rich in renowned historical past, monuments and variable geographic features are located within a distance of 50 km from the capital. Dunazug Hills and the Pilis (Szentendre, Visegrád, Pilismarót, Pilisszentkereszt Forestry Units), the Buda Hills (Budakeszi and Budapest Forestry Units), the south-eastern part of Gerecse Hills (Bajna Forestry Units) and Cserhát-Gödöllő Hills (Gödöllő, Valkó Forestry Units) belong here.

For centuries, the Buda, Pilis, Gödöllő, Bajna game-reserves served as the scene of the princes’ hunting – in addition to the experiences of quarrying games, by the wide choice of dishes made of game, they contributed to legendary feasts of thegns.

Currently nine of our game-reserves on almost 6000 hectares insure the long-lasting experiences of successful hunting to the modern Nimrods.

The game of the hunting area with excellent faculties qualifies as one of the most important areas of Hungarian game breeding and hunting culture with its high-quality trophies and outstandingly successful hunting events. Our highly-qualified sylviculture and hunting experts control and manage the preservation of game management and the appropriate level of forest management.

Our hunting areas possess each of the big game species that can be hunted in Hungary, by that any of each of them can be hunted by individuals and the members of hunting groups. Hunter guests that have been returning for several years love the variety of the area, which is made more attractive by our hunting houses found in an environment that is a treat for sore eyes.

In addition to successful operation, it is the main strategic objective of Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt.  to maintain a density of big game, while not endangering the ecologic balance of the forest.