General information

Registration to hunting is possible at the hunting organising offices or directly via the Forestry Unit based on the place of hunting. Contracting and managing administrative tasks (a letter of invitation for foreigners, arm import permit, sending the itinerary description, etc.) are the tasks of the hunting organising office and the Forestry Unit.

When game with trophy is hunted, the size of the actual trophy can be different by ± 15% from the trophy size estimated by the escort. With regards to the wild  boar the above statement does not apply. A trophy judgement is compulsory after shooting each piece of game with trophy except for wild  boar tusks less than 16 cm.

Exercising hunting shall be possible exclusively in compliance with Hungarian laws.

The invoice will be issued based on the shooting log taken after the hunting and signed by both the hunting guest and the area manager. The invoice can be settled either in cash, by cheque, transfer or by credit card. The hunting area shall be entitled to stipulate advance payment.

For guests arriving from the Member States of the European Union the prices include VAT therefore trophies can be taken free of duty against the trophy export invoice and the trophy judgement ticket. With regards to countries outside the European Union the animal health certificates and customs documents shall be insured by the hunting organiser.