Map overview

Pilisi Parkerdő Zrt. offers high-level hunting opportunities by a hunting area of around 82000 hectares managed by the Company.

The hunting areas rich in renowned historical past, monuments and variable geographic features are located within a distance of 50 km from the capital. Dunazug Hills and the Pilis (Szentendre, Visegrád, Pilismarót, Pilisszentkereszt Conservation Parks), the Buda Hills (Budakeszi and Budapest Conservation Parks), the south-eastern part of Gerecse Hills (Bajna Conservation Park) and Cserhát-Gödöllő Rolling Country (Gödöllő, Valkó Conservation Park) belong here.

For centuries, the Buda, Pilis, Gödöllő, Bajna game-reserves served as the scene of the princes’ hunting – in addition to the experiences of quarrying games, by the wide choice of dishes made of game, they contributed to legendary feasts of thegns.

Currently nine of our game-reserves on almost 6000 hectares insure the long-lasting experiences of successful hunting to the modern Nimrods.