The red deer stock is excellent on certain of our areas (Gödöllő Forestry Unit, Valkó Forestry Unit, Pilisszentkereszt Forestry Unit) and it can be said as medium on hilly parts. The shape, colour of the antlers, the tip of the prongs are showy deliberately. The average trophies weigh 6-7 kg in the rolling country, capital trophies achieve or weigh more than 10 kg. The average trophy weighs 5-6 kg in the hilly region and the outstanding trophy weighs 8 kg.
Rutting starts not too long before mid-September on all of our areas; it is a nice experience to bag a stag wearing a trophy of 6-8 kg. If you did not have the opportunity to hunt in the rutting seasond, then our stags can be hunted from a high-stand, by hunting down or just approaching by a horse-cart.