Bajna Forestry Unit

It is a hunting area lying on the former nice properties of the Sándor and Metternich count families lying at 45 km from Budapest, on the southern slopes with a special atmosphere of Gerecse hills. The degree of forest coverage of the 7700-ha area is 63%, stand forming tree species are: oak, hornbeam, turkey oak, false acacia. There is a game park on 690 hectares with a mixed game stock, a 330-hectare  wild boar park, and a 300-hectare historical game park built in 1830 with an excellent game stock. The moufflon, the fallow-deer stocks are of outstanding quality and the red-deer and wild-boar stocks are of good quality on the hunting area. The Hungarian recorder moufflon ram was shot here in 2004. The Gyarmatpuszta Hunters’ Lodge of the Forestry Unit can be found in a closed game park which is suitable for hosting 40 guests. An angler lake contributes also to the more matterful and nicer free-time activities. The hunting area lying at 45 km from Budapest can be accessed by car from both the Zsámbék and Tatabánya exits of M1 motorway within 20 minutes.

Game species that can be huntedAnnual salesAverage trophyOutstanding trophy
Red-deerhart30 pcs6,5 kg10,47 kg
game to be cleared40 pcs
Fallow-deerhart15 pcs3,8 kg4,64 kg
game to be cleared35 pcs
Roe-deerbuck20 pcs280 gr596 gr
doe, fawn20 pcs
Moufflonbuck30 pcs79 cm97 cm
ewe, lamb30 pcs
Wild-boarboar35 pcs17,3 cm25,8 cm
sow40 pcs
porkling, piglet80 pcs