Buda Hills

Budakeszi Forestry Unit

The 17300 hectare hunting area lying in the heart of the Buda hills is located to the north from Budapest. The large, closed block of forest is bordered by the capital from the south and by the Pilis hills from the north. Hunters like the area rich in grazing fields for game and cut to a great extent owing to its rich game stock. The features of the biotope are excellent for the wild boar-, moufflon and fallow-deer stocks. There are game gardens on almost 2200 hectares with mixed stock of game which are suitable for organising wild boar hunting with rich bag. The Budakeszi Hunters’ Lodge of the Forestry Unit satisfying all needs hosts the guests in continuous operation. The hunters’ lodge can be found at 8 km from Budapest and at 40 km from Ferenc Liszt International Airport. It can be accessed from the Budaörs exit of M1 motorway.

Game species that can be huntedAnnual salesAverage trophyOutstanding trophy
Red-deerstag20 pcs6,5 kg12,20 kg
hind, calf30 pcs
Fallow-deerbuck20 pcs3,7 kg5,40 kg
doe, fawn30 pcs
Roe-deerbuck30 pcs230 gr518 gr
doe, fawn20 pcs
Moufflonbuck30 pcs75 cm101 cm
ewe, lamb20 pcs
Wild-boartusker60 pcs18 cm29,0 cm
sow60 pcs
porkling, piglet150 pcs