Good-quality fallow-deer stock lives on our area mainly in the game-parks with harts with thin, nicely pronged antlers and palmate antlers. The average trophy weight is between 3-3.5 kg the weight of capital trophies can be estimated between 5and 5.5 kg.  A fallow-deer stock of especially good genetic features lives in the Buda hills (Budakeszi Forestry Unit) and on the Gerecse slopes (Bajna Forestry Unit). In the latest years several harts of more than 5 kg buck were bagged. Much patience and adherence are necessary for the hunter to stalk to a herd of fallow-deer. The best fallow-bucks are shot in October in the rutting season, the cull-bucks the does and the fawn are shot from November to the end of January. The special atmosphere, the beauty of trophies and the landscape make the time spent with fallow-deer an unforgettable experience.