Apátkút Hunter’s Lodge

(GPS Hungary) 47°45’55.09″É, 18°58’49.75″K

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The lodge located on the hunting area of the Visegrád  Forestry Unit renewed completely in 2007 is of 1st class (1/b) quality. There are a dining room, a lounge and 7 pieces of double rooms there. Totally 14 hunter guests can be hosted. The dining room provides opportunities for organising family, company or other events for 30 participants. The peace of the area contributes greatly to the peaceful relaxation and recreation of our guests. The area is suitable to present the wildlife and our environment excellently. Visegrád with its thousand-year historical past attracts visitors all year long. Hunters like visiting the Citadel during their resting time in daytime from where looking around they can see the exquisite beauty of the Danube Bend. Permanent exhibitions and museums receive the interested. On the layer-lines of the hills successful moufflon and wild-boar stalking can be held. The Hunters’ House lies at 47 km from Budapest, it can be found in the heart of the Visegrád hills, to the south from Visegrád, above the cross-valley gate of the always gurgling Apátkút creek fed by sources. The hunters’ house can be accessed from the Visegrád ferry or via road no. 11 (2 km).